A lack of common situational awareness impacts aircraft turnarounds, operations efficiency and the passenger experience. With 20/20 A-CDM, you gain a common, aggregated overview of operational activities, from anywhere.

With the right information in real time, everyone makes better decisions.

A-CDM Benefits

With Airport Collaborative decision making, every stakeholder now has the same information regarding the status of every aircraft turnaround and can accurately predict off-block and push back time to within one minute.

Airport Operations

Alerts highlight potential disruptions. Real-time insight means better use of resources and infrastructure, increasing capacity and improving revenue.


Faster turnaround means better on-time performance. Less taxi-ing lowers fuel consumption and reduces schedule buffering.

Air Traffic Control

A more accurate pre-departure sequence gives a greater predictability of traffic. Runway congestion is reduced and apron usage is optimised

20/20 A-CDM

Accurate flight tracking - for all stakeholders

Airport 20/20 ACDM collates and processes essential airport-wide, real-time data on flights, resources, passenger movements, boarding times, fuelling, de-icing catering and weather delays.

You can now forecast with certainty with embedded predictive intelligence underpinning accurate, full flight tracking.

Gain at a glance access to flight status changes from anywhere with our mobile and touch enabled A-CDM portal.

Make better decisions with configurable alerts, role access and dynamic status icons.


“A-CDM has led to an improvement in the operation of the airfield and terminals as well as the on-time performance of airlines.”

Anil Varma, Acting General Manager – Aeronautical Operations Auckland Airport