20/20 Airport AODB is the go-to data repository where airports, airlines and ground handlers can rely on accessing the real-time, accurate information they need to do their jobs.

Unleash the power of data

Bringing your data together that otherwise exists in isolated pockets of the airport unlock its potential and boost efficiency gains.

With 20/20 AODB, raw flight and operations data is consolidated and turned into context-rich information.



Interact with confidence

Handle communications with any protocol, with any system using our unique interaction framework. Automatic conflict handling and embedded validation mean the best data is available, every time.

With 20/20, strong data integrity leads to even stronger decision making.


Keep getting better

As a smart data repository, we’ve made it easy for you to track your real-time performance and make better longer-term improvements.

20/20 Airport Operational Database comes with comprehensive KPI tracking, alerts and a full suite of reporting tools


20/20 Airport AODB Features

Responsive Design

Access and update from any location- on mobile, tablet and PC. A-CDM ready when you are

Multi Airport Networks

Centralised infrastructure supports multiple airport networks making it easier and cheaper for you to deploy, support and operate.

Airport Intelligence

Self-serve portal for data analysis and forecasting. Fully customisable operational, resourcing and passenger KPIs with thresholds and alerts.

Message Broker

Supports any ESB protocol, integrates with all industry data feeds. Exception handling and embedded data validation.

“The 20/20 solution enables us to implement our growth and development strategies by underpinning our ability to share real-time flight, resourcing and passenger information across the airport. ”

Wayne Smith, Head of IT Services