Content rich, information displays don’t just ease the journey through the airport. They are now a core element of the overall passenger airport experience.

20/20 FIDS is an omni-channel, airport content management system. Connecting to any display or device,  20/20 FIDS underpins personalised passenger communications and location-based services.

Personalized communications

Multilingual, web and mobile ready – with 20/20 FIDS you can tailor your day of travel flight related communications to each passenger, on any channel. Built in smarts makes your displays truly dynamic, from real-time queue times to changing gate walk time.


Entertain and engage

20/20 FIDS supports any field and format of screen content including TV, weather, tourist information and images. Automatically configure content by location – great for destination-related messages at departure gates or fight tailored promotions at check-in areas.

With drag and drop page design, your screens will look better in no time.


Steer travellers to new revenue drivers

Create highly targeted, contextual flight displays and in-app advertising. We make it easy to combine flight data with customer data to push offers to travellers at the time most likely to elicit a response.

Drive concession and advertising growth with 20/20 FIDS.


20/20 FIDS Features

Page Designer

Drag and drop video, live TV and web feeds, images, text, database fields, airline logos to any position.

Mission Control

A real-time view of the health and status of all monitors in the airport via an operational dashboard.

Plug and Play

Supports all legacy, current and emerging display technology including video wall, 4K, LED, LCD.


Connect directly to 20/20 Billing to schedule and bill for type, location and timing of adverts.


Automatic and manual multi lingual announcement. Supports emergency warning.

3rd Party Connectors

Real-time feed from popular 3rd party flight data sources such as ACL, Innovata and Flightview.

“Literally it’s plug and play. We installed the new FIDS system while we were redeveloping the passenger terminal - now it’s the most heavily used system in the entire airport.”

Wellington International Airport