Personalised interaction not only eases the traveller journey through the airport, it provides a platform for permission based, contextual promotions.

That’s advertising gold.

20/20 Wayfinding

The right help at the right time in the right language.

Personalised airport navigation

With 20/20 Wayfinder, the passenger scans their boarding card, and the most direct path is mapped out. Boarding time and gate closing times are immediately visible and walk time calculated.

More efficient customer help

With the majority of questions to ground staff around airport destinations, we make finding the right answer a whole lot more efficient. Supports touch screen and 2-way intercom for live interaction when required.

Grow retail and advertising spend

Use of boarding pass data enables display of all facilities and retail outlets en route, steering passengers to revenue growth opportunities. Grow advertising income with destination promotions.

Biztweet Social Engagement Platform

Adopting a more strategic approach to FIDS, we’ve integrated our 20/20 Flight Information System with our partner Biztweet’s social engagement platform. Airports are now benefiting from highly automated social communications and the ability to personalise vital day of travel communications to their passengers.

With Biztweet and 20/20, flight, gate and departure/ arrival times and contextual advertising are delivered directly to passengers’ devices via Facebook messenger or Twitter.

Improving engagement and advertising effectiveness.

Linking flight data to commercial promotions and personal preferences dramatically increases the likelihood of uptake. These could be relevant to the stage of the journey or specific location.

With Biztweet analytics, it’s also easy to understand take up rates and deliver more appropriate promotions at optimal points of the passenger’s journey.


Melbourne Airport introduces Biztweet Service

@MELFlights provides personalised flight updates to passengers’ devices

Check out the video


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