Airport queues frustrate passengers, adds stress and directly impacts retail spend.

Understanding and optimising passenger flow have become critical to improving service levels, boosting revenue opportunities and enhancing the overall kerb to gate journey.

Blipsystems is a world leader in improving passenger experience through measuring passenger flow.

Our BlipTrack software uses the real-time technology of video, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to gain an up-to-date profile of passengers as they flow through the airport.

With our smart software and analytics you have at a glance insight into bottlenecks and can more easily predict traffic queues and patterns.

What Bliptrack can do for your airport

Flow Management

Increase non aviation revenue

Optimise retail and services positioning by tracking where and how passengers move. Establish walking, shopping patterns and boarding procedures to better understand passenger behaviour and make more informed planning decisions.  Combine with concession sales data from CA+ to optimise resource and tenancy allocation, product placement and benchmark performance.


Queue Measurement

Improve the travel experience

Queue measurement enables airports to evaluate KPIs and comply with agreed SLAs. Connect directly to 20/20 Intelligent Flight Information System, 20/20 FIDS,  to provide accurate queue waiting times and reduce frustration. Real-time waiting times keeps passengers informed and relaxed, improving their airport experience.


Capacity Forecasting

Make better staffing decisions

Accurately scale resources by using live forecasts based on fully automated data mining. Gain insight on how to efficiently plan future staffing with our long term automatic prediction of passenger volumes. Tap into historic data, future schedules, growth predictions, events and holidays for more accurate forecasts.


“Genève Aéroport (GVA) has been able to reduce waiting times by half and increase satisfactory performance days to five time its previous level.”

Anita Filli, Project Manager Land-side Operations

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