For something as strategic as billing, airports who don’t want to take any risks turn to the airport billing experts.

Gentrack has been deploying airport billing solutions for decades. As a result, invoicing, reconciliation and reporting is highly integrated, automated and accurate.

Get innovative with incentives

20/20’s Aero Billing lets you tailor your contracts to win new carriers with an unlimited number of fees and charges. Embrace flexible discounting and rebates to encourage route expansion and use of non-peak slots.

Eliminate manual data gathering with automated, real time feeds from multiple data sources. Reduce disputes and accelerate payment with more accurate, timely invoices.

It’s easier to play your way with Airport 20/20’s ‘bill anything’ engine.


20/20 Aero Billing At A Glance

Complete Billing Flexibility

Create fees on any criteria including weight, aircraft seat capacity, PAX, freight weight, mail weight, time on stand, number of landings. Supports any number of charge types, surcharges and criteria. Discounts can apply to any combination of operator, route, days, charge codes; by %, fixed charge or weight.

Unmatched Billing Accuracy

Automated, multi-source data feeds and robust error checking increases billing data integrity. Integrated Flight Matching Technology enhances data quality. Aircraft movements are subject to a validation process with rule based exception handling. Supports reversals and retrospective adjustments.

Faster Revenue Recognition

Best practise billing automation removes manual workflows improving bill cycle times. Invoice scheduling and layout is fully customizable and can be performed for any period and subset of debtors/ carriers. Gain insight into projected revenue, actual revenue and profitability trends for every service.

“When we went to the market we found Airport 20/20 to be the most flexible available. It’s allowed us to achieve greater than 50% increase in revenue for Aeronautical Billing.”

Melbourne Airport