Decisions, decisions…

Despite rising awareness of the environmental issues that surround all forms of popular transport, demand for air travel continues to grow. In 2014, passenger numbers had recovered from the lows that followed the recession, to reach 238m – just short of the 241m peak seen in 2007.

But while the numbers continue to rise, research released by the Civil Aviation Authority at the end of 2016 showed that a third of passengers were not satisfied with complaint handling procedures when common issues such as flight delays occurred.

Numerous initiatives are underway to improve complaint handling, and in such a complex operating theatre, it is highly unlikely the issues which give rise to such complaints are ever going to be eliminated entirely.

But with the right tools and Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) systems in place – one which gathers real-time data from multiple sources, the ability of airports to accurately predict Target Take-off Time (TTOT) for instance, is greatly improved. By keeping passengers informed at all times, not only will this prevent many of the issues which lead to complaints arising, the use of a decision-making system such as Airport 20/20 allows airport staff to maximise operational efficiency for the benefit of the entire airport community.

Indeed, the challenge for airport operators has never been greater. In a digital age, in which passengers expect to have all of the information they need and more at their fingertips, expectations are higher than ever. And as the complexity of the many issues facing airports today escalates – whether it is a terror threat or immigration control – so the need for a CDM system such as Airport 20/20 grows proportionately.

Collating data on flights, resources, passenger movements, airport events and other critical airport information, Airport 20/20 CDM uses configured business logic to enable airport staff to provide accurate turnaround projections with real time updates. It enables optimised apron management and allows staff to track and manage disruptions as well as utilising on-chock and off-chock projections effectively.

Ultimately, it’s about delivering an improved passenger experience and a more profitable operation. As flight and passenger numbers rise simultaneously, CDM systems are fast becoming essential. Put simply, Collaborative Decision Making software is something tomorrow’s airports cannot afford to overlook.


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