Innovation in the passenger experience

People are travelling by air more than ever before, and making the experience easier for passengers travelling through airports is a critical imperative. Three major international airports in Europe are striving to make streamlining and efficiency a reality, introducing innovations that could soon spread to more facilities around the world.

Document-less passenger journeys in Amsterdam

The passage through the airport will soon be significantly easier at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, thanks to the introduction of the new "Seamless Passenger Walkthrough" system. According to Tnooz, the system uses digital technology to integrate all checkpoints so that passengers only have to provide identity documentation once.

Tapping the expertise of electronic identity solutions provider Vision-Box, the Schiphol Group is introducing a three-month trial to incorporate facial recognition technology into checkpoints. Passengers who register for the trial will pass through a biometric eGate featuring a camera that authenticates their face, removing the need to produce passports or other documentation.

Swifter security at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Operating in an intensive global security climate is one of the most challenging aspects of airport management, so ensuring that all passengers are appropriately screened is essential. That said, having robust security measures doesn't necessarily mean slowing travellers down at the checkpoint.

At the Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany, a new state-of-the-art checkpoint system is being trialled, designed to provide an easier, more efficient and more comfortable solution for passengers without compromising on security. 

"The checkpoint follows the principle that passengers can always go through the control process at their own pace, without impeding or limiting themselves," Michael Tan, President and Chairman of the Board, Scarabee Aviation Group, told Airport Business. "It makes the security process clearer and more relaxed for passengers and for security staff." 

Boosting mobility in Munich

Mobility has become a vital part of every industry, with smartphone adoption across the world skyrocketing in the past decade. Munich Airport is leveraging that popularity to make transportation options much easier for passengers, with the introduction of a new "mobility as a service" platform to ensure travellers make it to their flights on time.

The new "Passnger App" – built in collaboration with Hamburg Airport, Düsseldorf and Münster/Osnabrück – features key information of all transport services and traffic information for the trip to the airport, as well as flight updates and airport maps to help passengers plan out their entire journey.

"The idea is for all of the airports to come a bit closer and provide one service to all passengers. This channel gives us the opportunity to offer real door to door service," Anita Neudeck, senior manager, innovation and partnering for Munich Airport, told Tnooz.