It’s no longer enough to automate the allocation of resource against the schedule.
Disruptions happen. Often.

20/20 Resource Management System takes the pain away from managing peaks, delays and conflicts and builds in your business priorities at every step.
It’s optimal resource deployment. Every time.

90% of resource scheduling conflicts are automatically resolved with 20/20 Resource Management System

20/20 RMS Benefits

Automate and Save

Automatically create resource allocation from daily schedules. Save hours of manual data manipulation. Get the most from your current infrastructure with hard rules, preferences and optimisation algorithms.

Embed Business Priorites

20/20 RMS is built for KPI driven decisions. Scenario planning is done up front - with potential conflicts highlighted. Understand the impact of every decision, on service levels and financial outcomes.

Rapid response to the unforeseen

Eliminate manual workarounds when schedules go awry. 20/20 RMS handles changes intelligently with built-in checks against conflicts and your business rules with operations adjusted accordingly.

20/20 SkyTower

Real time visualisation of aircraft stands and flights.

We’re all about making your life easier. And 20/20 Skytower does just that.

With all your ground handling resource and physical location of all aircraft mapped onto an aerial photograph of your airport – you get a real-time picture of what’s happening.



“20/20 gives us peace of mind that Finavia is functioning at an optimum level in today’s highly competitive market.”

Harri Karjalainen CIO, Finavia