Despite the growing importance of non-aero revenue, the significant manual effort required to analyse sales data is resulting in lost opportunities.

The key is data capture automation and analytics-driven insight.

The answer is Concession Analyser+.

Grow concession revenue

With CA+, it’s never been easier to automate the collection of sales data and track concession performance – in real-time.

Link CA+ to the 20/20 Airport Operations System and BlipTrack passenger flow tools, to optimise the retail mix further and boost income. Influence gate allocations to maximise returns.  Access the insight to negotiate more effectively with both carriers and concessionaires.

With Gentrack you have, at last, the intelligence to make the best decisions and reap the revenue rewards.


CA+ Benefits

Better Manage Concessions

Record and understand all elements of a commercial agreement including revenue share and the inclusion of minimum guarantees, rents and additional charges.

Optimise Revenue and Billing

Actively monitor concessionaire performance, issue bills with a highly automated process. Interface with ERP systems to ensure the data cycle is complete.

Streamline Property Management

Efficient management of property leases and utility services covering office space, counter tops, aircraft hangers and stores. Reduce manual intervention.

Automate Sales Data Capture

Employ up to six data collection method choices and minimise the effort required to process concession data and report sales.

Gain real time insight

Rich BI dashboards integrate flight details, passenger info, passenger flow and concession sales data. Gain the operation knowledge need to boost returns.

“By working with CA+ we hope to automate some of the processes behind our retail operation.”

Tom Hack, Head of Commercial, Bristol Airport

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