Annual Meeting Results and Audio Link

At Gentrack Group Limited’s (NZX/ASX: GTK) shareholder meeting held in Auckland yesterday shareholders were asked to vote on 4 resolutions, which were supported by the Board.

As required by NZX Listing Rule 6.1, all voting was conducted by a poll.

The resolutions passed by shareholders were:

  • That the Board is authorised to appoint KPMG as the company auditors and fix the auditors’ remuneration.
  • That Darc Rasmussen, appointed by the Board on 12 December 2019, be elected as a director of Gentrack Group Limited.
  • That Leigh Warren be re-elected as a director of Gentrack Group Limited.
  • That the existing company constitution is revoked and the new constitution, in the form presented at the Annual Meeting, is adopted as the constitution of Gentrack Group Limited with effect from the close of the meeting.

Please see the attached market announcement for the details of the total number of votes cast in person or by a proxy holder.

GTK Annual Meeting 2020 – Results and Audio Link

The audio recording from the annual meeting is now available on the Gentrack Investor Centre at:

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