The utilities revolution continues to gather momentum as energy and water utilities are faced with the challenges brought about by new customer demands and expectations, the availability of new technologies and ongoing market changes and reforms. To truly succeed in this evolving sector, energy and water utilities require a new generation of cloud-ready billing, customer information and market interaction solutions, providing a platform to automate and streamline their businesses as well as connecting new customer experience technologies at pace.

We’d love to talk to you about your challenges and how our latest suite of cloud-ready and subscription-based solutions can enable you to shape your competitive advantage, lower cost to serve, boost profitability and confidently navigate regulatory changes.

Drive down cost to serve

The drive for efficiency in the utilities sector is gaining intensity as energy and water utilities reshape their operating and customer engagement models to gain a competitive edge and drive down cost to serve. New entrant energy suppliers are challenging traditional utility business models, and established players continue to disrupt themselves to achieve greater levels of profitability and remain competitive as residential and business customers look for new ways to reduce costs. With Gentrack’s expertise and robust software solutions, you can craft your competitive advantage and shape your business to achieve greater operational efficiency.


Connect technologies at pace and light up CX

Gone are the days when customer engagement was driven by slow, expensive offline communication channels with limited personalisation options. With consumers entertaining new technologies, energy and water utilities must shift the dial in the way they approach customer engagement. Consumers are demanding to connect on their terms, using multiple communication channels and tools. Utilities must continue to leverage digital technologies to deliver new customer experiences along with actionable insights that enable consumers to understand and take control of their usage. Our latest Gentrack Cloud Integration Services platform will enable you to leverage your valuable customer information and meter-to-cash data to engage your audience in new ways. It’s time to connect new technologies at pace and light up your customer experiences.


Successfully navigate market changes

The regulatory landscape is evolving rapidly to support the utilities revolution. Energy and water utilities are continually challenged to adapt with flexible processes, agile values and an attitude built on the need to innovate to deliver real value to customers and build long-term sustainable businesses. We love getting out in front of market changes and delivering new capabilities within our cloud-ready solutions to ensure that you can comply with ease and focus on what you do best.


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