B2B Energy Suppliers

B2B Energy Suppliers

Solutions for Business to Business energy retailers

Tailored for small and large business energy suppliers’ needs

With Gentrack, B2B energy suppliers get the specific quoting, contracting, billing, cash collection and debt management capabilities needed for both SME and I&C customers. It’s what innovative energy suppliers around the world need to maintain well-run, profitable and compliant businesses.


Specifically built to deal with the subtleties and complexities of evolving energy markets, while providing ‘out-of-the-box’ compliance, our cloud-first solutions manage all customer and industry interactions in one place; enhanced by an ever-growing innovation ecosystem.

Managing complexity and compliance with ease

Our customers trust Gentrack for a single system they need to deliver critical functions for their success at scale.


Powered by Junifer and Velocity, our capabilities price and bill both commodity and non-commodity products and services, dealing with the complex organisational hierarchies and associated contract and account structures typical of larger I&C customers e.g. multi-site, flexible and non-contract pricing.


Regulatory concerns for smaller businesses are met with built-in compliance features, updated as part of our SaaS agreement and in line with requirements.

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