Disclosure of Directors and Senior Managers’ Relevant Interests

7 October 2021

Disclosure of Directors and Senior Managers Relevant Interests

Please find an ongoing disclosure notice for Gentrack Group Limited (NZX/ASX: GTK) here.

Gentrack adopted a Senior Management Long Term Incentive Scheme (Senior Management LTI Scheme) by Board resolution dated 27 April 2016. The Gentrack Managing Director, Gary Miles, was issued 250,00 ordinary shares as part of his remuneration under the Senior Management LTI Scheme with a vesting date of 1 October 2021. On the issue of these shares, a tax liability was triggered, accordingly, a corresponding amount of shares (112,896) was sold on market to cover the expected tax liability. Mr Miles retains 387,104 vested shares in Gentrack and other performance rights previously disclosed.  


Contact details regarding this announcement:

Pip White – Company Secretary
+64 22 0965576

About Gentrack

The global pace of change is accelerating, and utilities need to rebuild for a more sustainable future.  Gentrack provides leading utilities across the world with innovative cleantech solutions.

Working with some of the world’s biggest energy and water companies, as well as innovative challenger brands, we are helping companies reshape what it means to be a utilities business.

We are driven by our passion to create positive impact. That is why utilities rely on us to drive innovation, deliver great customer experiences and secure profits. 

Together, we are renewing utilities.

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