Your industrial and commercial customers are the cornerstones of your business.
Trust in our billing, revenue and customer management platforms to win, nurture and retain your largest customers. And they will quickly place their trust in you.


>50% of UK's energy suppliers rely on our billing and customer management software platforms


Gentrack bills $2 bn annually for one Australian C&I retailer alone


Our flexible hierarchy consolidates billing for one commercial customer's 1317 sites

At Gentrack, we’ve built our reputation on partnering with our I&C clients to exceed customer expectations. We draw on our insights and experience to help you build loyalty, optimise your efficiency and foster innovation.
Our billing and customer management software solutions, Junifer and Velocity,  are market-ready, open and flexible.

Close winning deals, faster

Create the innovative products, services and pricing plans you need to win and retain business.

Our software platforms bundle, bill and consolidate multiple products and services. Complete charge flexibility includes time-of-use charges and flat rates, dynamic pricing, feed-in-tariffs, networks, demand response and PPAs.  Gain rich insight from your growing data pools so you can monitor and manage consumption at a more granular level.  Combine profiling with forecasting to tailor your offer and continuously improve your value add.



Simplify the complex and drive down costs

Integrate complex interval billing, intelligent workflow with quotes, contracts and CRM in one consolidated platform.

We build in market ready connectivity tools and processes so you can go live quickly. But we give you the flexibility to adapt as rules change – from new market messaging to billing, reconciliation and communication protocols.

When you optimise your back office with Gentrack,  you have more time to focus on innovation and your customers.


Build tailored experiences

Analyse your growing knowledge of every customer to develop more personal and meaningful interactions. Give your high-value C&I customers the answers they need when they need them, through our rich self-service mobile and digital first services.

With our API led connectivity, you can quickly incorporate new apps and emerging customer interaction tools.



Market ready solutions and expertise


Talk to our experts about how we can help you to achieve market compliance.


Velocity Billing and CRM for Energy Suppliers

Prebuilt connectivity to UK, Australia and NZ energy markets. Full process configurability for you to craft your competitive advantage.


Junifer Billing and CIS for Energy Suppliers

Prebuilt connectivity to UK Smart DCC, Nexus. Out of the box TOU tariffs, bundles and processes for rapid time to market and lean operations.


Utility Consultancy Services

Our 'one team' approach lowers your risk. Our proven operate-learn-compete model gets you compliant and onboarding customers in no time.


Find the solution that's right for you

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“We chose Gentrack over alternative solutions for our I&C billing for its speed of processing and flexibility to deal with complex customer requirements.”

Origin Energy