Our billing and customer information solutions live at the heart of some of the world’s most innovative energy and water utilities.  Whether you’re a new entrant looking to break into the sector, or an established player looking to self-disrupt with a new digital strategy or challenger brand, our solutions are available in the cloud and pre-configured for market interaction to enable you to get to market quickly.

Our solutions are also market-ready providing a powerful proposition for utilities of all sizes that are looking to streamline critical meter-to-cash processes and bring new and innovative product and service offerings to market.



Utilities globally are reimagining their digital enterprises, reshaping their people, operating models and systems to gain competitive advantage and drive down cost to serve. This can only happen with flexibility, speed and the drive to innovate in rapidly changing energy and water marketsGone are the days when customer engagement was driven by slow, expensive offline communications channels with limited personalisation options. Customers want to connect with their energy and water providers on their terms, using multiple communication channels and tools, from email and social media to mobile apps and self-service portals. 

Our Gentrack Cloud Integration Services solution is here to enable you to leverage the value of your customer data through API driven customer experiences and process innovation enabled through our off-the-shelf connectors with best of breed technologies.



In an era of smart, when the volumes of data across the utilities sector are set to grow exponentially, data accuracy is critical in order to optimise performance. Revenue leakages are often flagged as anomalies that can’t be explained without investment in extensive data analysis by experts with an in-depth understanding of market data flows and raw data sets. And a combination of human errors and poor processes will continue to compound the revenue losses if left unaddressed.

Gentrack’s unique combination of software and expertise can help ensure data accuracy throughout your utility business, from portfolio reconciliation, balancing and settlement through to meter point data accuracy, directly improving your bottom line.




Increasing volumes of complex asset and end-point meter data remains a challenge for energy suppliers looking to optimise the value of their energy portfolios. And gaining an understanding of your financial performance and prioritising and focusing your team’s portfolio management activities is becoming more challenging with the growing complexity of compliance obligations, poor customer and agent data and inaccurate meter read data to support billing and settlement reconciliation.

Building intelligent portfolio insights to enable effective segmentation and prioritisation of revenue optimisation activities is the first step towards building a high performing utility business. The Evolve software combined with managed services from Gentrack provides these critical insights and is your ticket to improving the financial performance of your portfolio.



Finding experienced staff to run essential back-office meter-to-cash processes can always be a challenge. And it can often be a distraction from doing what you do best — winning customers, delivering great customer experiences and growing your energy supply business.

To support the continued growth of customers using our cloud-ready billing, customer information and market interaction solutions, we have launched our Managed Services offering that leverages our expert resources to take on key back-office processes essential to any new entrant or established energy supply business.

Whether you’re looking to fully outsource your back-office processes or you need technical managed services to maintain your Gentrack billing and customer information systems, we’re ready to help.