Increasing volumes of complex asset and end-point meter data remain a challenge for energy suppliers looking to optimise the value of their energy portfolios. And gaining an understanding of your financial performance and prioritising and focusing your team’s portfolio management activities is becoming more challenging with the growing complexity of compliance obligations, poor customer and agent data and inaccurate meter read data to support billing and settlement reconciliation.
Building intelligent portfolio insights to enable effective segmentation and prioritisation of revenue optimisation activities is the first step towards building a high performing utility business. Evolve software combined with managed services from Gentrack provides these critical insights and is your ticket to improving the financial performance of your portfolio.



Take control of your energy portfolio

Gentrack enables energy suppliers to effectively manage all consumption and asset data that is directly linked to revenue, cost of sale and customer service performance. By consolidating settlement data, billing data and various industry data, we enable you to analyse, validate and apply industry rules to build up a consistent and accurate portfolio view, with the ability to drill down to the most granular meter point data items to isolate issues impacting revenue and operational performance.

Score meter points to prioritise activities

Establishing priorities across your portfolio is key to focusing your teams on the issues likely to have the biggest impact on your business. Scoring is provided by a powerful rules engine that analyses all data sources before flagging and scoring risks and issues based on their potential impact on a business. Wrapped around the capability to calculate meter point level settlement and billing positions, as well as prioritised by impact and root cause of errors, is a workflow management tool that enables the allocation of work to teams and the ability to monitor performance against KPIs and strategic goals.

Build an accurate view of your portfolio

We enable you to take a bottom-up approach to both settlement and billing, replicating industry methodologies with our solutions to build the most accurate operational view of your portfolio.  This provides the foundation for a highly accurate and comprehensive solution that links directly to operational data and provides one single view of consumption.

With our solutions you can: 

  • Maintain accurate bottom-up settlement and billing positions
  • Detect, explain and act quickly on movements in settlement and billing positions
  • Effectively allocate your team to the areas of the portfolio that will deliver the best returns
  • Gain a better understanding of consumption levels to support meter point reconciliation and revenue performance.


“We choose Evolve Analytics as a long-term business partner due to the level of expertise, in-depth knowledge and integrity they brought to the table. We have formed a strong and trusted relationship over the years.”

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