In an era of smart, when volumes of data across the utilities sector are set to grow exponentially, data accuracy is critical in order to optimise performance. Revenue leakages are often flagged as anomalies that can’t be explained without investment in extensive data analysis by experts with an in-depth understanding of market data flows and raw data sets. And a combination of human errors, poor processes and a lack of processes will continue to compound the revenue losses if left unaddressed.

Gentrack’s unique combination of software and expertise can help ensure data accuracy throughout your utility business, from portfolio reconciliation, balancing and settlement through to meter point data accuracy, directly improving your bottom line.



Unlock your financial and operational potential

To enable utilities to unlock their financial and operational potential, we’ve invested extensively in the analytical systems and methodologies needed to rapidly identify and address revenue leakage caused by inaccurate data and poor processes. We’ve built a team that specialises in the identification and correction of settlement and billing errors as well as the accuracy of Standing Data, and we’ve combined our systems and methodologies with detailed knowledge of the energy sector to enable customers to achieve a clear and measurable ROI with our revenue assurance solutions and services.

Managing data for over 10 million meter points, our customers in the UK include those within the Big 6, Challenger Suppliers and established Specialist Suppliers. Our experience in this complex area helps us in developing additional analytics services to aid our customers with many other challenges they face today and in the future.

With our solutions you can: 

  • Improve accuracy of billing revenue
  • Reduce lost crystallised billing revenue
  • Improve alignment between billing revenue and settlement costs
  • Efficiently and effectively prioritise misalignments by the largest impact on the business and time to recover.


“It's an advantage knowing that the Evolve team can compare different data sets without compromising competition.”

UK Energy Supplier