Bradley Quinn | Graduate Analyst Programmer | Melbourne

Qualifications: Computer Science from the University of Adelaide 

How did you secure your role?
It was a pretty standard application process for a programming role. I submitted my application online, got invited to do a coding test and then was interviewed via Skype. I was lucky that I was given the opportunity to interview remotely because I was struggling to find a position in Adelaide.

Why did you apply for the role?
I had just graduated from university and was looking to work in the tech industry. Gentrack looked like a fantastic choice!

What does your role involve?
I work on the team dedicated to one of our customers, Red Energy. When I started at Gentrack, my day-to-day tasks were mostly implementing solutions written by my teammates. As I’ve become more experienced, this has extended to analysing existing code and systems to write solution documents myself.

How has the role impacted your professional development?
The opportunities that I have been given in the short period that I have worked here have been hugely beneficial to both my professional and personal development. I have gained valuable work experience in the software engineering process, analysis, budgeting, technical writing, implementation, testing and user support.

Has the role met your expectations?
With this being my first job, I didn’t really have any expectations. I definitely enjoy my role, though!

What do you love about working at Gentrack?
The issues I get to solve are interesting and challenging. Also, you’re recognised for your achievements.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to join Gentrack?
In terms of joining Gentrack as a graduate programmer, come to the interview with evidence or stories of personal projects. You want to show that you are friendly and hardworking.