Audrey Livirya | Software Engineering Intern (Utilities) | Auckland

Qualifications: Currently studying Computer Systems Engineering at University of Auckland

How did you secure the internship?
There were a few of steps involved with securing the internship. Firstly, I submitted my application for the internship online, and then received a call where my verbal skills were being tested on the phone. After this was done, I was given instructions to do an online test. The final step was the interview. A couple days later, I got the phone call to say I had been accepted!

Why did you apply for an internship?
I had a friend who did the internship last year, and he told me about how he learnt a lot and that he found the internship to be incredibly valuable for his learning process. Furthermore, Gentrack had a presentation at the university regarding the internship. The projects that the interns worked on seemed really interesting, and so I decided to apply for an internship.

What did you get involved in as an intern?
The project I got involved in as an intern was a “Product Usage Metrics” project, where we were tasked to build a system that would allow us to pipeline and analyse how metrics were being used by our customers. This allowed us to work with different technologies and gain a lot of new skills in technologies such as Docker, AWS and the Elastic Stack. This project allowed us to collaborate with stakeholders such as product owners, and present demos showcasing our progress throughout the internship. During the internship, I also got involved with the Hackathon, where we worked on developing a Slackbot that updated employee absences.

How did the internship impact your professional development?
I think the internship was incredibly helpful for my professional development. It allowed me to grow and expand my technical skills as I got the opportunity to learn about a lot of different technologies. Along with this, having the opportunity to work with different people – both my peers and my mentors – also allowed me to feed off their ideas and grow as a person. I also think the internship gave me insight on my own personal strengths.

Did the internship meet your expectations?
Yes! Absolutely. There were a lot of skills that I was hoping to build on.

What did you love about working at Gentrack?
I love how it’s such a welcoming community – people are always really welcoming and nice when you want to talk to them. Additionally, there are a lot of great perks such as free fruit, biscuits and drinks.

Do you have any tips for future Gentrack interns?
My number one tip would be don’t be afraid of talking to anyone else! Although it may be a bit daunting at first to communicate with people outside of your direct team, oftentimes, you will find that people are keen to help. Additionally, always try to make a list of things you have to do – transparency in tasks allows for progression in your project to be a lot more clear.