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Cleantech leadership for an industry striving for a sustainable future.

Gentrack’s portfolio of products and services delivers great customer experiences, helping consumers to make informed decisions about their energy usage, whilst delivering value for suppliers by reducing cost to serve and increasing profitability throughout the whole business.


Our customers benefit from our technology and innovation-first approach that leverages cloud nativity and CI/CD. We believe in open architecture and build data driven, AI-powered products to help Utilities run ahead in a highly competitive marketplace.


We deliver transformation at pace, with over 500 utilities experts focused on helping our customers to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market, whether big or small. Our Customers trust us to underpin their competitive advantage and get the job done.

Billing & Customer Care

Managed Services

Data Analytics & AI

Meter Data Services

Profitability & Risk Management

Pricing & Product Management

Market Operations

Billing & Customer Care

Utilities are moving away from legacy systems, driven by the need for agile technologies that enable reduced cost to serve and cleantech products for consumers.


Gentrack’s market leading Billing and Customer care product suite, offers capabilities that enable utilities to bill anything, build new product and service offerings fast, and deliver the latest digital customer experiences and omni-channel engagement.

Balancing the diverse needs of the prosumer, consumer, and industry, to drive profitability in a volatile market and with support for a variety of commercial models, including as a fully managed service; fixed and variable charges, time of use tariffs and beyond energy supply offerings: fit for any market.

Managed Services

Your business operation demands more than just great technology. You need a team with the knowledge and experience to take ownership and deliver a solution that will carry the best possible impact across the whole of the business. Having built what’s under the hood, Gentrack carries a depth of knowledge unique to the utilities space and the technology that runs it.

Working with the Gentrack managed services team means we seamlessly take care of your operations, giving you more time and resources to focus on the things that matter: Customer engagement, new product development and business growth.

Data Analytics & AI

Managing the impact of traditional services while maintaining business profitability in today’s complex environment requires methodology & analytical insights to deliver positive business results while meeting consumers’ needs.


Gentrack Data analytics portfolio efficiently organizes the data available from a range of industry sources and makes it easily accessible – using advanced analytics and business intelligence technologies to organize and analyze the data in order to provide visibility to users via real-time dashboards and reports and business-critical KPIs to make insightful smart decisions.

The result is a powerful analytical platform that can help energy businesses prevent profit loss & gain business optimization; avoiding customer churn and helping consumers to make smart energy decisions.

Meter Data Services

Utilities have to manage exponential growths in meter data.  New technologies and renewable generation methods are also driving demand for more flexible tariff types that meets customer expectations and enables greater grid flexibility.


Gentrack’s modern cloud native meter data platform is based on AWS and is scalable, flexible and supports the processing of large volumes of data enabling utilities to efficiently manage, analyse, and query data from both smart and non-smart meter types.

Gentrack Meter Data Services is utility focused and understands the distinct nuances of the energy and water sectors.  Delivered as a service, it has security, reliance and performance at its heart, and enables analytical and data science uses around interval consumption data as well as analysis and monitoring of meter data that detects changes and issues alerts and warnings.

It fully supports the new 5-minute settlement system in Australia and forthcoming Half Hourly Settlement in the UK with real time data aggregation to deliver an engaging customer experience around granular consumptions data. This supports a new generation of domestic market index products that encourage flexible consumption and grid balancing services, such as peer to peer trading or local energy schemes.

Profitability & Risk Management

In a complex market which is transforming at pace, energy and water companies need a technology stack which is built with profitability as a foundational principal so that they can make fast data driven decisions.


Gentrack Profitability & Risk Management provides end-to-end visibility, analytics and tools to optimise and assure gross margin and profitability at the customer as well as segment (customer type, contract, product, etc) and portfolio level.

Financial tools provide the business with forecast and actual gross margin,  profitability, movement and risk indicators to drive P&L creation and provision and Balance Sheet accrual decisions. By reconciling the timing of customer usage between billing and settlements and validation of aggregated industry invoices, this provides a clear link between the reported financial position of the business and the operational data driving decisions.


Operational tools provide a customer level view of gross margin, profitability and underlying data, enabling the business to take a low cost to serve approach to cash recovery, to inform future loss avoidance activities and to make critical strategic decisions across the customer lifecycle including pricing and product mix optimisation and acquisition and customer service costs.

Pricing & Product Management

The integration of renewable energy and other methods of generation and storage into the grid is creating a growing need for customised offers that can be adapted quicky to customer’s needs.


Gentrack Pricing Product Management provides the functionality you and your customers need for the commercial management of Power Purchase Agreements and supporting Contracts fo Difference arrangements and Feed in Tariff accredited scheme participants, all in real time, supporting your corporate sustainability strategies.

Manage statements for Renewable Obligation Certificates and as Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin with ease.


Market Operations

The pace of change in the Utilities sector has never been faster and in a highly regulated market, compliance is key.  Our industry experts are engaged at all levels to deliver cutting edge and highly compliant solutions that ensure our customers meet the challenging demands of an industry transforming rapidly.


Gentrack’s Market Operations platform is a new cloud native, multi-tenanted service which enables integration between Industry Data Networks and Billing & Operations Systems. Underpinned by AWS technology, our solution provides industry compliant market interaction data handling and highly automated process orchestration for GB Energy & GB Water markets.

The Market operations platform supports critical business requirements and design principles at its core, ensuring the business can function in a manner that minimizes dependencies and therefore reduces impact of industry change to your end-to-end M2C platform. Our high agility, CI/CD powered platform delivers accelerated customer value through its increased agility and cloud native design. Secure connectivity and data handling, alongside high availability deliver improved scalability and performance by leveraging AWS capabilities.


By combining our cloud-native, open architecture based portfolio together with the capabilities of our partners, we can empower suppliers to better leverage data & AI, enjoy the benefits of increased agility and improved operational efficiency.

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