Meter Data Services

Meter Data Services

Cloud native Meter Data as a Service supports innovative products and enables grid flexibility.

Utilities have to manage exponential growths in meter data.  New technologies and renewable generation methods are also driving demand for more flexible tariff types that meets customer expectations and enables greater grid flexibility.


Gentrack’s modern cloud native meter data platform is based on AWS and is scalable, flexible and supports the processing of large volumes of data enabling utilities to efficiently manage, analyse, and query data from both smart and non-smart meter types.

Gentrack Meter Data Services is utility focused and understands the distinct nuances of the energy and water sectors.  Delivered as a service, it has security, reliance and performance at its heart, and enables analytical and data science uses around interval consumption data as well as analysis and monitoring of meter data that detects changes and issues alerts and warnings.

It fully supports the new 5-minute settlement system in Australia and forthcoming Half Hourly Settlement in the UK with real time data aggregation to deliver an engaging customer experience around granular consumptions data. This supports a new generation of domestic market index products that encourage flexible consumption and grid balancing services, such as peer to peer trading or local energy schemes.

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