Profitability & Risk Management

Profitability & Risk Management

Drive profitability from end to end, and effectively manage business risk.

In a complex market which is transforming at pace, energy and water companies need a technology stack which is built with profitability as a foundational principal so that they can make fast data driven decisions.


Gentrack Profitability & Risk Management provides end-to-end visibility, analytics and tools to optimise and assure gross margin and profitability at the customer as well as segment (customer type, contract, product, etc) and portfolio level.

Financial tools provide the business with forecast and actual gross margin,  profitability, movement and risk indicators to drive P&L creation and provision and Balance Sheet accrual decisions. By reconciling the timing of customer usage between billing and settlements and validation of aggregated industry invoices, this provides a clear link between the reported financial position of the business and the operational data driving decisions.


Operational tools provide a customer level view of gross margin, profitability and underlying data, enabling the business to take a low cost to serve approach to cash recovery, to inform future loss avoidance activities and to make critical strategic decisions across the customer lifecycle including pricing and product mix optimisation and acquisition and customer service costs.

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