Tue 19 Sep 2017

Delivering for customers – creating the ‘perfect’ customer service environment

In an era of big disruption for the retail energy markets – how can modern energy suppliers ensure they stay ahead of the curve?  What’s the next big thing for customer communications, and how do they ensure that their communications fit with customer expectation.

It’s the holy grail for energy suppliers – how do you ensure that backend data flows and process are as lean as possible to keep costs low, whilst delivering the best customer experience?  At the Future of Energy Supply event being held in Central London later this week, our Sales Director Geoff Childs will be discussing this issue – and how energy suppliers can capitalise on the latest ‘omnichannel’ marketing techniques, whilst still maintaining a lean business model.

He’ll talk about how suppliers should look at their customer demographic – and how they acquire and subsequently communicate with their end users – meaning that servicing is matched to customer expectation.  The presentation will also include information on how suppliers can automate the customer journey to create the ideal ‘happy path’- striking the right balance between service levels and customer interaction, whilst keeping operational costs as low as possible.

Come along on Thursday to see Geoff speak (registration for the event is here), or email us at info@gentrack.com to get a copy of the white paper.