Utilities Solutions


Enterprise billing, revenue and customer management

Craft your unique experience. Advanced automation and personalised digital engagement drives down costs, boosts service and reduces churn. Open and configurable with a ‘bill anything’ engine that lets you play your way in water and energy markets.

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Market ready billing and customer management

Get to market faster with out of the box tariffs, bundles and processes. Enables white labelling, multi-utility billing and ease of compliance in competitive energy markets.

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Evolve Analytics

Data Accuracy and Portfolio Management

Take control of your energy portfolio with detailed analytics for revenue assurance and reconciliation. Optimise revenues across your energy supply business and make strategic decisions about how to best manage your portfolio.


Airport Solutions

Veovo, Gentrack’s Airport Group, combines outstanding operations solution Airport 20/20 with BlipTrack guest predictability and Concessionaire Analyzer+ revenue maximisation solutions.

This powerful fusion underpins Veovo’s Predictive Collaboration Platform, delivering data-driven certainty to transform the airport ecosystem.

Airport 20/20

Outstanding Operations

Even the best plans can be derailed in an instant. With predictive analytics and intelligent optimisation, airports can identify potential bottlenecks and proactively adjust their plans to best balance throughput and guest experience.

The Airport 20/20 software suite includes passenger Engagement Platform, Resource Management, AODB. Billing and Airport Collaboration Decision Making.



Guest Predictability

Guest expectations of smooth, safe, swift and engaging experiences are driving airports toward big data analytics as they shape more repeatable customer service operations.

Powered by BlipTrack technology, Veovo brings guest location analysis, forecasting and engagement software together, allowing airport operators to plan, predict and perfect brilliant guest experiences.



Revenue Maximisation

Non-aeronautical revenue from airport concessionaires is a significant source of both revenue and profitability.

Powered by Concessionaire Analyzer+ technology, Veovo can automate the collection, analysis, and user-specific presentation of key concession sales data, concession real estate planning, commercial management and billing. The result – unprecedented insight across commercial operations lifecycle.