Concessionaire Analyzer+ enables airports to strategically manage and increase non-aeronautical revenues.

With CA+ it’s never been easier to automate the collection of sales data.   Track concession performance in real time and gain a deeper insight into passenger spend using our rich BI platform.  Automate revenue calculation with our commercial contract management software.

Better Manage Concessions

Record and understand all elements of a commercial agreement. Include revenue sharing, minimum guarantees, rents and additional charges based on your rules.

Optimise Revenue and Billing

Actively monitor concessionaire performance, issue bills with a highly automated process. Interface with ERP systems to ensure the data cycle is complete.

Streamline Property Management

Reduce manual intervention with efficient management of property leases and utility services. Supports office space, counter tops, aircraft hangers and stores.

Simplify Sales Data Capture

Employ multiple collection method choices from fully automatic to manual. Minimise the effort required to process concession data and report sales.

Boost concession based returns

Make better decisions by combining concessionaire sales data with flight information and passenger flow. Our rich BI tools unlock the value of all your data.

“MAG is continually looking at ways to generate efficiencies in what we do and CA+ has a strong record in working with businesses to do just that”

Richard Hill, Head of Retail at Manchester Airports Group

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