Junifer is a flexible and scalable billing and customer information system for utility providers.
It’s out of the box. It’s market ready.

And because Junifer is easy to implement, you can achieve market compliance faster, onboard customers seamlessly and scale your business quickly.

We’ve harnessed years of utility industry know-how to develop our Junifer software.

Today, over 35 suppliers to domestic customers, industrial and commercial, small and medium businesses, as well as district heating providers, depend on Junifer.

Supporting multi-utility billing within a single platform, Junifer gives you the ability to grow and innovate with confidence.

Market Ready Billing and CIS

At Junifer’s core is a complete multi-currency, multi-lingual end-to-end billing and customer information system, able to support the unique challenges of your evolving utility business.

Wrapped around this is a series of pre-designed modules so you can add what you need, when you need it.

Finally, a ‘utility pack’ is added, with all the required industry processes and data flows for electricity, gas, district heating or water.


Junifer Core System


‘One Bill’ system handles all your products and services for domestic, SME and I+C customers. Supports cross products discounts, multiple currencies and invoice formats.

Customer Care and CRM

A single point of access for your call centre agents to quickly view customer information including account history, invoices and payment arrangements.

Consumption Processing

Connect to external data feeds, from Junifer MDM or any other metering systems and apply tariffs, validation logic, data gaps and anomalies.

Junifer Modules

Prospecting and Sales

Defines prospect segments, manages marketing campaigns from prospecting to acquisition and automates the creation of a new contracts. Off the shelf reports for campaign tracking and performance.


EDI messaging tool automates and manages the transfer of all market data between operators simplifying switching and onboarding. An intuitive UI gives full visibility of all message types.


Embedded workflow tools that can be tailored to specific business processes. Provides at a glance history of all contact events for customers for faster call resolution and query handling.

Accounts Receivable

Automates receiving and tracking of payments and chasing arrears. Providing balance and payment history on each invoice improves likelihood of timely payment and reduces call centre volumes.

Web Portal

Promote self-service and electronic billing with a fully integrated portal. Customers can view account, bills, invoice images and consumption data for all their services.

Meter Data Management

Smart meter ready, Junifer MDM integrates data directly from any metering system, in any format. Supports pull or push approach and processes data immediately giving an accurate view of consumption

Telco Billing

The Junifer Telecoms billing and customer care solution is based on over 20 years’ experience of delivering interconnect/wholesale systems for Tier 1 and 2 telecoms providers.

Able to support telco operators ‘out of the box’, our unique software offers scalability and flexibility through its modular design, meaning you can easily pick and choose the modules you require to provide intercarrier services.

Find out how Junifer can help you better manage  your customers and processes.


“We chose Junifer because of their successful track record in the energy supply market. Junifer’s ‘out of the box’ approach suited us perfectly, and the flexibility and the scalability of the system means that it can grow with us.”

Bristol Energy