Gentrack Velocity software helps Ovo Energy achieve consumer success

Software designed by energy billing company Gentrack has helped OVO energy to become named as best energy firm in Great Britain in a recent Which? survey.

The survey, ‘Best and Worst energy firms’, gave OVO a five star rating for the accuracy and clarity of its billing processes after assessing 23 energy companies rated by 8,917 members of the public.

As one of the fastest growing independent energy companies in the UK OVO has gained 150,000 customers in the last year.

OVO uses Gentrack’s Velocity system which allows it to onboard a large volume of customers in a way that is efficient yet mindful of the specific wants and needs of the customer.

Ian Black, Gentrack’s CEO said: “Once again we see OVO celebrating impressive levels of customer satisfaction. To achieve such high standards in the energy industry is a great achievement and reflects the hard work and dedication OVO has shown to its customers.

“It’s exciting for us to see OVO recognised for the excellent billing processes it employs. Velocity is both customer centric and flexible for rapid growth, enabling high on-boarding levels.”

The survey, which is the largest annual energy customer survey of its kind also looked at other areas of interest for energy customers, including the value for money customers felt they were receiving and how well customers rated the efforts of the company to save them energy.

OVO’s rapid growth has seen the company progress to a domestic customer base of 690,000. Customers said that OVO had good value for money, excellent billing, they also said that the customer service and complaints handling were positive and that the company made an effort for them to save energy.

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