Water supply is a slim margin business.  Consumers are demanding more control and ‘always-on’ digital experiences. Carve a more customer focused, streamlined business and sustainable future with Gentrack.


Bournemouth Water received a Top 4 ranking for UK OFWAT SIM Survey Customer Service 2017

30% of Unitywater's customers receive e-bills.
The industry average is 13%

4utility services

Australia's ACTEWAGL bills water, wastewater, electricity and gas on one platform - Velocity.

With decades of experience in water companies, we understand the challenges of operating in a highly regulated industry. We pair this insight with our open billing and CRM platform to help you enrich the customer experience, streamline operations and offer new water management services.

Value add water services

Propose relevant offers, seamlessly provision new services and handcraft a better customer experience. With our brilliant ‘Bill Anything’ engine, it’s easy to connect new services. Plug into IOT smart devices for conservation initiatives, leak management and smart water metering via open APIs.


Drive down cost to serve

From tenancy changes to debt collection for vulnerable customers, manage all of your billing and CRM requirements from one integrated platform. We build in automation and eliminate costly workarounds with clever, consistent processes.

Create a better digital experience

Resolve queries at first contact with one source of truth. Empower customers to self-serve with always-on digital services. Streamline connections for developers with online applications and real-time status tracking.

Adapt and comply

Ease the burden of compliance with regulatory ready billing and customer care processes. And as rules evolve, our agile framework lets you adapt quickly. With Gentrack you’ll always be on the right side of the regulator.