Alice Qin | Graduate Analyst Programmer | Melbourne

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business from Tasmania University and Master of Information Technology from Monash University 

How did you land your role?
I was referred to Gentrack by an existing employee. Firstly, I submitted my CV, cover letter and university transcript via the company website. After a couple of weeks, I was invited to complete a Java test online and to attend a face-to-face interview.

Why did you apply for the role?
Having developed the knowledge that I did at university, I felt that I was a good match for the role.

What does your role entail?
As part of a team, I am working on delivering a Market Ready Solution through the application of agile development techniques and methodology. During sprints (of which we have many), we build new functions, configure existing functions and fix any bugs. I find it impressive that almost all of my teammates can perform test automation — which is a tester’s job!

How has your role impacted your professional and personal development?
First of all, the role has helped me improve my English language skills, and I’ve also had the privilege of getting to know people from various cultural backgrounds. I’ve also found that following agile development principles has helped me enhance my time management skills because we have strict due dates and must plan ahead. And lastly, I love what I am working on because it gives me the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of how Gentrack’s Velocity software works.

Has the role met your expectations?
Yes, it’s definitely what I was expecting.

What do you love about working at Gentrack?
I love the coffee — there are so many flavours in the kitchen! Joking aside, I love being around my colleagues because they are always so helpful, friendly and kind.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to join Gentrack?
Don’t stress if you don’t know anything about the software — just ask questions. Our colleagues are very kind and happy to help.