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Gentrack supplies cloud-first revenue and customer experience solutions to 150+ utilities and airports in 20 countries



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Gentrack systems are at the heart of some of the world’s most innovative energy and water companies providing the insights and tools needed to keep these essential services operating without missing a beat.


Gentrack has designed, delivered and supported leading technology for energy and water utilities for over 30 years. Our solutions are used in some of the most competitive energy markets in the world including the UK, New Zealand and Australia, the water sector in Australia, and more recently the world’s first competitive business water market in the UK.


Energy and water markets continue to evolve around customers who are demanding sustainable energy practices and choice through the use of smart energy technologies.  Our vision is to deliver the best cloud-based software that utilities need to transform their businesses and differentiate .


Gentrack technology enables utilities to offer and bill new products and services, deliver great customer experiences and connect smart technologies that are designed to put the power into the hands of consumers.



Our world-beating airports software division is Veovo.  Airports around the world have chosen Veovo to support their plans for transformation, deploying our technology to gain actionable insights across their complete airport ecosystem.


Pressure on airport resources, infrastructure and equipment continues to soar. Airports must deliver memorable experiences for increasing passenger numbers while navigating unforeseen delays and events. Over 100 Veovo customers reach new heights by unlocking insights into airport capacity, resources and revenue, predicting the best path forward for decisionmakers, and quickly connecting essential resources to respond brilliantly – no matter the situation.


The outcome for Veovo airport customers include new strategies for analysing passenger volumes and movements, revenue growth from retail activities aligned with high-profit passengers, and right-sized resources across the airport ecosystem based on automated best processes, availability, seasonality and cost to serve.

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