Cherese Eriepa | Software Engineer Intern (Utilities) | Auckland

Qualifications: Currently studying Bachelor of Science – majoring in Computer Science

How did you secure the internship?
I was fortunate enough to be selected as a TupuToa intern, which helped me to connect with Gentrack.

Why did you apply for an internship?

I knew it would be a great way to kickstart my career as a developer, and I would be able to gain valuable experience you can’t get from uni.

What did you get involved in as an intern?
I was part of a Product Development intern team in which we built a software tool to help gather metrics from Gentrack products.

How did the internship impact your professional development?
I was able to learn about new technologies and languages that I had no prior experience with before. I was also able to learn about agile methodologies and how valuable scrum can be to structuring a project.

Did the internship meet your expectations?
It exceeded my expectations! I have learnt and accomplished so much here, which I am grateful for.

What did you love about working at Gentrack?
The culture here has been one of the many highlights throughout this internship. Seeing and experiencing how much Gentrack values the people who work here has made it a joyful experience.

Do you have any tips for future Gentrack interns?
Don’t wait for opportunities to jump at you, go and find them.
If you find yourself blocked, talk to someone.
Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.
Set goals.
Ensure you are always in sync with your team.