Full-Year Results 2021 Investor Briefing

18 November 2021

Gentrack Group Limited (NZX/ASX: GTK) invites investors to a conference call on Thursday 25 November 2021 at 11.30am NZT / 9.30 am AEST (duration 1 hour) to review Gentrack’s results for the year ended 30 September 2021.

This investor briefing will be available via a webcast (presentation slides and audio only) or ‘audio only’ service. Please follow the instructions outlined below to access the event.

The audio recording from the briefing will be made available in the Gentrack Investor Centre (https://www.gentrack.com/investor-centre/) following the call.

Webcast Instructions

To join the investor briefing online, click on the link below to view, listen to and ask questions on the Investor presentation directly from your laptop, tablet or mobile device. Please note if you are using the Webcast option, it is not necessary to dial into the audio conference as well. Audio will stream through your selected device, so be sure to have headphones or your volume turned up. If you have technical difficulties, please click the “Listen by Phone” button on the webcast player and dial the number provided.


Audio only – Participant Access Instructions

For the ‘audio only’ option, you can access the investor briefing from your phone. Please join the briefing 5-10 minutes prior to the start time. You will be asked to provide the event name, your name and participant passcode as below:

Event Name:  Gentrack Full Year Results 2021
Passcode: 749004

The dial-in numbers for available locations are listed below.

  • Australia Toll Free/Free Phone – 1 800 590 693
  • Australia, Brisbane Local – +61 (0)7 3105 0937
  • Australia, Melbourne Local – +61 (0)3 8317 0929
  • Australia, Sydney Local – +61 (0)2 7250 5438
  • Denmark Toll Free/Freephone – 80 70 16 37
  • Denmark, Copenhagen Local – +45 35 15 80 48
  • Hong Kong Toll Free/Freephone – 800 961 113
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong Local – +852 3008 1533
  • Ireland Toll Free/Freephone – 1800 936 706
  • Ireland, Dublin Local – +353 (0)1 246 5637
  • New Zealand Toll Free/Freephone – 0800 423 972
  • New Zealand, Auckland Local – +64 (0)9 9133 624
  • United Kingdom Toll Free – 0800 358 6374
  • United Kingdom Local – +44 (0)330 336 9104

Questions can be submitted online via the Webcast platform or the audio call system when prompted. Personal information provided for the purpose of registration will not be disclosed to any third parties and will only be used by Gentrack to manage participant interaction.


Pip White – Company Secretary
+64 22 0965576

About Gentrack

Gentrack designs, builds and delivers the high-performing, cloud-first revenue and customer experience solutions found at the heart of leading utilities and airports around the world.  Our customers lead in some of the most deregulated and innovative markets in the world; pioneering innovation, driving effective transformation in the management and delivery of two of our planet’s most precious resources; energy and water. More information: www.gentrack.com

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